Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i won't say if i feel mj is guilty or not guilty. i didn't follow the trial, i wasn't in the court room and i don't know what was said specifically.

but i don't think he should be judged. at least not from me. i vow to never judge another human being because i am not, nor have ever been in that position to judge. mj has a conscience. i don't know if it works or not, but for me this is between him and his God. period. if mj can live with himself than who am i to condemn.

i believe this is what i call 'filler' news. as a journalist i have learned that the public dwells in entertainment and gossip news. and the media has done a well job at doing filler news with the mj trial. let us not forget the real criminal at large. your president. g dubya. there is still a war going on people. people are dying daily. and for what. they are dying in vain. and the criminal is right there in the white house chillen. indirectly killing young lives, innocent lives.

but we choose to hound mj, not even knowing ALL the facts. but we know all the facts here. and time after time we refuse to look at the matter at hand, and do something about it.

wrong is wrong. mj was wrong to have children in his bed. bush is wrong for starting a war over nothing. but we choose and we pick. we place blame and we complain.

but someone's son isn't coming home in july like scheduled. and next week someone's daughter will fall, grandson will be injured, and child will be laid to rest.

war is bad. war is big. it should be our biggest concern. but here in america, a society that is so fixated on minute things (not that this accuser's accusations are small, and they are just accusations), but million of children are abused. and i know some that hit close to homee..

the iraq war was avoidable. we cannot save every child. sadly we cannont. but lets not lose focus. you give in to the filler news, and forget, oh yes, Sister so-and-so's son won't be home for the 19th or the 4th which ever independence day your celebrate. but mj was found not guilty and i'm more upset over that.

yeah right..


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Atlas said...

I agree with you MJ, is not news, its gossip. While everyone focuses on MJ, there is a war going on, countries with nuclear weapons, and the threat to social security, etc. Cool blog.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Black Ambition said...

I think Bush and MJ are both wrong! But I have to disagree with Atlas, MJ is news sort of. Not because he is important, but because his trial shows that people with money have a better shot in the judicial system, and that isn't fair.


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