Monday, June 27, 2005

i won't get my yahoo dsl till the 5th. because i'm a new customer they wouldn't take my order online. though they were going to just put it on my monthly bill anyways. it would have been turned on on the 1st (friday) now i must wait until the 5th (tuesday). thanks SBC/Yahoo. what a good way to start a new customer. oh and their offices close at 7pm so they don't even have 24hr customer service. now what's up with that. i've never heard of that. but i guess for $14.99/m i will not complain. take it all in stride. though i'm anxious to hook it. plus i got a wireless modem. so that's always cool. i love blogging in the rest room.

i feel i'm totally going to fail biology. i will talk to my instructor today. i must. i need a C. even a low C. a C is a C is a C right? so i'll totally take it. i'll right like 2 papers if i have to. just don't let me get a D. i know i failed this test today. i just don't get biology. no matter how hard i try, and at times i try. i cannot grasp it.

truth is, everyone's best is not an A. and i'm proving fact that my biology best seems to be a D. just as i got my freshman year of college. it just is. i don't want to drop the class because i NEED it. i'm a freaking senior.but i have to have a C. D's don't transfer. a prayer needs to be said.


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