Sunday, June 26, 2005

i WILL respond. i had to look thru archives just to see what post that was being referenced. though i had a clue, just wanted to be accurate. its in response to my post on June 8, about missing white women.

It's comments like yours that continue to put us behind in the times. I truly believe it was the situation that brought this issue to the news. The fact that a group of high school kids were on a graduation trip and one of them turns up missing. I am not a white person and it never crossed my mind to take offense over this tragic situation. Sure there are people in this world of ALL colors who are prejudiced, including black people. There is a Miss America beauty pageant which includes women of all races and colors, yet why is it okay that there is a Black Miss America pageant, or the Black Music Awards? If there was a White Miss America Pageant or a White Music Awards, people would scream. A black person can call another black person "nigger" and it's okay, but when a non-white person says it, it's considered racial slander. If you want to continue to focus your thoughts on the color of a person's skin, then that is your right. I just don't agree that your negative thoughts need to be shared so that other people like you can make it more difficult to get past the color issue. For me, we all bleed the same color and there are more important things in this world to waste my energies on, like the war and getting our soldiers back alive and on US ground. I will continue to focus my thoughts on the families of all missing persons, in hopes that they find their loved ones alive and well.
my comments don't put anyone behind. if anything they should help bring them forward. you say the situation is why they are so dedicated in finding this young lady? i highly doubt it. the situation surrounded to why a person is missing shouldn't even matter. finding them period is all that matters. situation. eh. i don't think so, but lets always remember this is alway my entitled opinion. i do believe that if we were sure that we would be treated fairly, and unbiased we wouldn't need our own. but we never have been treated unbiased. because history shows that. these are facts. time after time it is shown that its never unbiased, and its never fair. so in order for us to uplift OUR community we must do things to uplift our people, fairly and ubiased. i mean seriously do you not think they wouldn't like to have their own. it is there own. i don't know why we decided that we would join what they had. because the miss america pageant WAS all white for a long time. it was is theirs. they have just acted as though the doors are open for everyone. so when they had their white miss america, we need to not be so fixated on being apart of theirs, and just have our own. we do not have to do everything together. in order for us to be effective we must survive and provide for our own. for some of your comments i'm baffled. first i never call anyone out of their name, especially not nigger. its stupid to use period. but for you to stand up for the cause that oooo....non-blacks can't use it why not...i'm black and i want them to use it. explain yourself on that. it makes no sense. using the word nigger is a problem for the BLACK community, and we can deal with it ourselves. quit trying to bring in others to complain, yes i challenge you to CHOOSE a side. deal with it in your community, forget that the white man feels left out on this community issue. i believe you are highly influenced and have lost sight of the real thing going on here. reality is that you are Black, and you seem to have SO much concern for them, that you have not time to have concern for self as a BLACK person. they got you embracing their ideas? if they are your own, i just ask that you examine them. and really ask, what are you seeking? acceptance? and from who? them? because we'd already embrace you. but you want them to embrace you?
and my negative thoughts are my opinions. that i can express over and over here on my blog, in my writings for my school paper, and from the top of my lungs. don't like don't listen, and sure as heck don't read. because no one is wrong here. don't judge. we may all bleed the same color, but we don't all die for the same cause. ask yourself this...and this is so minor but its so true...why are more than 90% of american cemetaries segregated? if we all bleed the same color, and we all die. we still cannot be buried together? in 2005? but i have negative comments. you have in my opinion faulty points. because i don't feel you really have foundation for them. but opinions CAN be that way. but if you are going to bring em', well than BRING em with some backbone.


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