Thursday, June 16, 2005

i was asked what do i mean by rules.

what i mean by rules is people have a set of rules we must follow in this world and white people have another set of rules they follow.

we as blacks cannot simply do the same things as whites and get off as they could. i cannot walk outside at 3 in the morning. because i will be stopped and questioned. they likely hood of them being stopped and questioned..slim to none.

dwb...driving while black does occur. has happened to me on at least three occasions. rules are different. please ALWAYS wear your seat belt, because they will stop you before they stop them. child is misbehaving in school...thats a bad child
white child is misbehving in school....that child is expressing emotion, and is just being a tough cookie.

different rules apply. ask yourself would they have handcuffed a white child. let me answer for you...NO. different set of rules.

and sadly enough they make up the rules. call me racist and throwing out every sterotype there is, but i see this as factual. because it has been proven over time. time and time again.

blacks cannot get away with the same things whites can. period.
take one episode of cops for instance.

when a white person is pulled over, they can get out of the car, hands to the side, and sit on the curb while officers search the vehicle, and the officers speak to them and ask questions.

black man pulled over for the same reason, he is asked to put his hands up, and be put in cuffs while searching the car. asked not to speak, and not spoken to in the same tone.

watch one episode i gurantee it...i do...just watch...there are a different set of rules for us. period.

i hope i explained well enough...e-mail me or leave a comment if i didnt'. and tell me if you agree or disagree i'm curious to know.


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