Thursday, June 02, 2005

i think my blogging sucks. i can write much better when i'm writing editorials and news stories. i've never been much of a feature writer i don't think. people have always commented me on my writing skills, and i've always thought it was okay. i never thought i could really write well. people believe in my ability more than i do. so after everytime i post i just know for sure that the bolgna i just posted was crappy.

i've tried to avoid the topic for the longest. but i will make one reference it it.
Love sucks. its painful. joyful. time-consuming. beneficial. and well i like it. love can be blissful hell.

today i'm blogging from the country. happy that i even have internet connection. thank God for this powerbook. it has truly become my best friend.

later i will attempt to blog about current status of my school. Prairie View A&M University that used to hold an HBCU status. i will vent on that. and you can only imagine what it can be about.

i am pro black. but not necessarily anti-anything. but i AM pro Black. and i do believe that PV has failed me. it has failed the Black community. and though i love my school (again that word) i am disappointed. for PV punking out on me. and being a school that doesn't hold values anymore. PV you have failed.


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