Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i read a post on another blog about MWW (missing white women) in America. and it had never dawned on me before, but its so very true, the media (my future field of work) is geared only to white america. at least it only has their best interest at heart. there are thousand's of unfortanate souls that are missing, black white, latino, asian, persian, german you name it that are missing and whose families are desperate to have them back. but its only the white familes who get media attention to find the missing loved one.

i know life is not fair, but i hate that the media is so adament about not even being discrete when it comes to MWW. its sickening. that we've come so far in 40 years, yet to be so far behind. for every step we take forward, we are pushed back three.

i want those who are not black, to for one second not think of me as some angry black girl, whose not seeing all the facts or whose just very opinionated (i am) and step into my world for a second. i am a 21 year old black college student living in america. now if i were to go missing tomorrow would the post my picture all across the news as they have the missing girl in aruba? latisha versus lets say abigail. who will make fox news first.

latisha B student at a university, aspiring to make her career in journalism. loving family. dedicated friends, and potential (at least i think) to do well in life

abigail. white. period

it doesn't matter what abigal does. she could be a recently out of rehab, she beats me to get on the 10 o'clock news because she is white period. and i beg any media outlet to differ. or you for that matter.

we are living in the times, where color does still matter. lacy. the run-away bride, aruba teen, missing girl for seven years working at wal-mart. but what about us. what about the women of color that are missing...

America doesn't care. because america isn't for us. nor about us. we must fend for ourselves, and never look for the same help.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger Black Ambition said...

Preach! Yes, white + middle class + female = national news

The FBI went to Aruba to further the investigation. So our tax money goes to only certain missing women, but we ALL have to pay taxes. Im not saying that we should look for her, but we should look for anyone who needs help, not just whites.

At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's comments like yours that continue to put us behind in the times. I truly believe it was the situation that brought this issue to the news. The fact that a group of high school kids were on a graduation trip and one of them turns up missing. I am not a white person and it never crossed my mind to take offense over this tragic situation. Sure there are people in this world of ALL colors who are prejudiced, including black people. There is a Miss America beauty pageant which includes women of all races and colors, yet why is it okay that there is a Black Miss America pageant, or the Black Music Awards? If there was a White Miss America Pageant or a White Music Awards, people would scream. A black person can call another black person "nigger" and it's okay, but when a non-white person says it, it's considered racial slander. If you want to continue to focus your thoughts on the color of a person's skin, then that is your right. I just don't agree that your negative thoughts need to be shared so that other people like you can make it more difficult to get past the color issue. For me, we all bleed the same color and there are more important things in this world to waste my energies on, like the war and getting our soldiers back alive and on US ground. I will continue to focus my thoughts on the families of all missing persons, in hopes that they find their loved ones alive and well.

At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

black in Texas for 30+ years. I found your commentary amusing. But let me just express this to you at this time. Does the media play an improtant role in getting information to the masses? And let me just share this as well the objective of the media is to provided information in order to profit. Thus, they do what they can to get out what they belived their masses want to hear, see and feel about over and over. The words is profit not color or race on the media behalf.


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