Monday, June 20, 2005

i have to say congrats to my cousin. she and her husband has a reaffirmation of their vows on saturday. even got my grandmother to ride 9 hours to come to the wedding. it was nice seeing all of my family.

i feel i am just tortured everyday that i must come to class. its really redundant and time consuming. i must do all that i can to stay awake, and really to get myself to even come in the morning. its sad. it really is. and today, with how i'm feeling, the mood has just hit me, i don't see my presence being seen in lab today. i must go home and clean up (its plaguing me) and i need an oil change, and i need to pick up some necessities. basically i feel i have better things to do. plus i'm hungy. hunger can always challenge you.

again, and again. we argue. brutal honesty and hurt are thrown into the fire. when we fight, we hold nothing back.
that sucks. but we do it anyways. but thankfully we always come back to agreement. without friends...
Kasai, i forgive you and hope that you sincerly forgive me. arguing for us is like stepping on burning leather. its sucks.

well i suppose i can doodle for awhile. check my other e-mail. download SOMETHING besides pay attention.


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