Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i have a cold. a i'm coughing up mucas and its tasting terrible cold. i have very bad sinuses. sinus where my head throbs behind my ears to the point that i just want to take an ice pick and pick my ears till they bleed. to find relief. and i have allergies. allergies that were never this bad till i moved to houston, now i use nasal spray, allegra D, and whatever else to find relief.

i will stay home for my lecture. but will have to try and make it to lab. and i might still try to make it to lecture, it is a bit early to say. i have till 9:30 to make up my mind.

def. not up to par. tooth is still aching a bit. and i do have a few cramps here and there.

this is a terrible tuesday.


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