Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i had a chance to 'swing' by the dentist today. i need a root canal and a crown. costing around $1700. i got two scripts for some meds. some penicillin potassium and some 800mg ibuprofen.

think if i sell em' i can make some money to actually get the tooth fixed. i will say that having a tooth ache is the WORST pain you can face. i have yet to give birth so i guess i can't really make that claim, but until then, i will say it is the worst.

its like stomping your big toe, getting a paper cut on your pinkie finger, having a stomach ache and headeace and a stopped up nose, with a sore throat all at the same time.

that my dear friends is the pain of a tooth ache.

i'm at this point willing to sell a kidney, knee cap or my right ear to get my tooth fixed. that or either just kill me now. seriously, this is the worst pain i've every expereinced.

i've had a root canal before, but i don't remember the tooth causing that much pain. but i could be wrong. than again i did go get it fixed immediatly the next day.

i'm seriously using all my will power not to go in the kitchen and get my hammer and just taking myself out. i just want to put myself out of this misery.

take me now...


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