Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i'm loving this. i could so say so much about mexico. mexican's and on and on and on. but i won't. i will not even fight fire with fire today.

[sacasm] but i'll just say i'm a watermelon loving, chicken and green's eating, cotton picking, lynching guillible, illleterate, loud talking, lying negra who loves dem white folks and would do anything for them. [end sarcasm]

not sure if stuff like this should even work up anyone. so many other problems to be dealing with, and not some mexican stamp. i have barley have respect for america, let alone mexico. so this should be no surprise to any black american. our own country does the same thing. sometimes in sutle ways but mostly its just as blantent (sp?). so why get worked up over what the mexican government does. look what our government does daily. besides maybe mexico could become some type of powerhouse and work on keeping their own citizens in their own country, and not running to ours. work on that. and america you keep working too.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger Black Ambition said...

agreed. America is racist, so what Mexico does is not my biggest concern either.


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