Monday, June 13, 2005

found a wireless java house. loving it. of course since its 3pm in the day no one is here, but me, but i just came to pass time and use the internet provided. i love atmosphere's like this. i want to seriously one day own my own coffee house/poetry lounge. thats my ultimate dream, and it would most likely look just like this one i'm in. next time i'll bring the digi cam to show. looks like they have live music here from time to time. i will be back tonight. right now i'm just passing time, before i meet up with kasai.

i see myself coming here. period. free internet, and not to mention there is no vibe here, but i could just imagine. they are opened till 12am on friday and saturday, till 10 during the week. this will make my transistion to houston easier. because i like stuff like this. and had been searching so hard to find something such as this.

not sure what the exact web address is, but google Wired Java, its in cypress. a suburb of houston. and if you are in the houston area you should stop by. enjoy some coffee.

dude even hooked me up with a free water, because i have no cash and only a debit card. i owe him. so i'll def be back. too hot right not to get coffee.



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