Thursday, June 16, 2005

for a list of racist go to where you can find who didn't sign the lynching apology. thanks kay hutchins (sp?) reppin texas to the fullest. R stands for racist. we've been lied to this whole time.

i doesn't even phase me that so many didn't sign. when you have strong believes that what your ancestors did wasn't wrong, and you want to find some way to justify it today, well bygolly (my word for the day) of course you wouldn't sign something telling black folks we're sorry.

but if anything i'm glad they had the guts not to sign it. and be real. stand up for what they believe. tell the niggers that hey we don't support it. and don't question why i didn't. heck if were white (thank God i'm black) i would have signed it in vain, just so that i wouldn't have to deal with the consequences. though: if i were white, i'd be punk

did i ever state how much i like segregation. just throwing that in out of no where. it just dawned on me why.

we (blacks) have a set of rules. and they have a set of rules. we have a place in this world. and we need to know our place.
kobe forgot his place, michael forgot his place, and chris (tucker) forgot his place. just because you have status, doesn't mean that black rules still dont' apply to you. they apply even more now.

i'm dead serious about that statement. i am black. i can not do as the white folks do. period. and yes in this world 2005 i cannont. and i must find contemptment with that. period.


At 12:06 PM, Blogger Black Ambition said...

interesting. what do you mean about rules latisha?


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