Tuesday, June 21, 2005

convicted 41 years later and its ok. this man has lived his life. and now he's guilty.

lemme throw in some sarcasm
i love how they gave this killer 41 years to live outside the prison walls. then convict him. after he's gotten to a rip old age, and say well at least we didn't let him get away. he's been convicted. we admit he did it. isn't that enough. convicting someone guilty for 41 years, 41 years later doesn't do jack. its stupid. IMHO why even waste time convicting him. justice has not been served. if this is justice than please take away all liberty and little freedom i do have.

america sucks on this part. the justice system is biased. and works to profit or benefit those who know how to scam it.
a scam they let run for 41 years. brilliant. simply.

and to the parents and loved ones of the three (3) young gentlemen. they get what? nothing.
they knew for 41 years that this man was one of the killers. but they have coped now. and convicting a million year old grandpa does nothing. a little sigh, but for me it would on make me more upset. he lived his life. those men didn't.

if i were a white man for one day what would i do... <~~just a random thought.


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