Thursday, June 30, 2005


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My 18month nephew Jaylen asleep in the car. Long day at the beach.

I'm black and i have indian in me too

last night kasai and i got on this discussion, when i told her that sometimes my skin looks a little red. she agreed. then i made the comment that don't you hate when people say, i got indian in me oh and that right there started it off.

she so agreed. thats one of the most annoying things. who cares if you have indian in you, i'm sure you have some italian, greek, jewish, and scandianvian (sp?) in you for all i know. but you special because your great-great grandma (5plus) was married to an indian, you think that counts.

and even if it did. so. you still black. are you not proud to just be black? having some indian in you makes you what? tooo good to be black? or makes you feel better that you don't completly have to be black? is black not beautiful.

remember the rule ONE ounce and you are black. you ain't indian to know body but ya self. it sad that just being black isn't good enough. one feels the need to say i'm black and indian. thats cool if mama is indian or daddy or even maternal grandparents and paternal grandparents [choose one]. but if ya mama black and ya daddy black. guess what you black. no indian needed.

we are so fixated on the fact that black is at the bottom of the rung that we can't even be happy with the fact that we need to be proud. you want to embrace your native american roots when its convient. to impress, to make yourself feel better whatever it may be, but truth is you don't get down with the native american struggle do you?

probably don't know anything about their culture. because your culture is the black culture. because you are black.

i was going to go on and on, but i will cut this short. i will say that if you are not comfortable being just black than you are not comfortable with self. don't feel the need to impress people. accept yourself. as a black american, or whatever nationallity.

but again this is just my IMO...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i'm loving this. i could so say so much about mexico. mexican's and on and on and on. but i won't. i will not even fight fire with fire today.

[sacasm] but i'll just say i'm a watermelon loving, chicken and green's eating, cotton picking, lynching guillible, illleterate, loud talking, lying negra who loves dem white folks and would do anything for them. [end sarcasm]

not sure if stuff like this should even work up anyone. so many other problems to be dealing with, and not some mexican stamp. i have barley have respect for america, let alone mexico. so this should be no surprise to any black american. our own country does the same thing. sometimes in sutle ways but mostly its just as blantent (sp?). so why get worked up over what the mexican government does. look what our government does daily. besides maybe mexico could become some type of powerhouse and work on keeping their own citizens in their own country, and not running to ours. work on that. and america you keep working too.

i will be burning a flag on the 4th. but not the large one i intended to. i have a small one that i don't mind going up in flames. plus if i were to burn the large one...well that would be a big mess that i'm not even trying to deal with.

my best friend questioned why i even have an american flag. well in all honesty it was given to me. i've hung it upside down in my window since around sophmore year of college. not to prove a point, but i just kept something that was given to me. and, white and blue are my favorite colros together. you'll find me with some jeans, a red shirt and some white shoes anytime. i just like those colors. period.

but i will take pictures of my flag burning. because dammit i can do whatever whenever i choose.

i think i'll get a B on my lab test today. i hope so. i can't really think of anything to blog about today. what is happening in the news? i'm just excited about my lab test...i'll surf...come back and post.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Your Birthdate: April 22

While sometimes employing unorthodox approaches, you are capable of handling large scale undertakings.

You assume great responsibility and work long and hard toward completion.

Often, especially in the early part of life, there is rigidity or stubbornness, and a tendency to repress feelings.

Idealistic, you work for the greater good with a good deal of inner strength and charisma.

An extremely capable organizer, but likely to paint with broad strokes rather than detail.

You are very aware and intuitive.

You are subject to a good deal of nervous tension.

today is a New Day!

Seems my life
Is finally coming together
Feels so good
Don't think I've ever been better
It's clear to me
My future will bring
The peace I've been living for will be mine
Forever more

It's a new day
Open my eyes and the path is clearer
It's a new day
Pushin' ahead til my goal is nearer
It's a new day
Spread my wings
I'm doin' things my way
It's a new day

Made the same mistakes
Over and again
Now it's time
For the illusion to end
For every door that shuts
Another opens
Takin' a chance I'm gonna win
Can't go back where I've been

It's a new day
Open my eyes and the path is clearer
It's a new day
Pushin' ahead til my goal is nearer
It's a new day
Spread my wings
I'm doin' things my way
It's a new day

I'm excited for the things ahead of me
I decided I can make it on my own
Embrace the good and bad
And let go of the past
I'm loving what's inside of me

It's a new day
Open my eyes and the path is clearer
It's a new day
Pushin' ahead til my goal is nearer
It's a new day
Spread my wings
I'm doin' things my way

thanks Patti. thats exactly how i'm feeling. i've been huming this tune all day. on repeat in the car. and i made sure i bellowed it in the shower this morning. new lease on life...a better down-payment.

Monday, June 27, 2005

i won't get my yahoo dsl till the 5th. because i'm a new customer they wouldn't take my order online. though they were going to just put it on my monthly bill anyways. it would have been turned on on the 1st (friday) now i must wait until the 5th (tuesday). thanks SBC/Yahoo. what a good way to start a new customer. oh and their offices close at 7pm so they don't even have 24hr customer service. now what's up with that. i've never heard of that. but i guess for $14.99/m i will not complain. take it all in stride. though i'm anxious to hook it. plus i got a wireless modem. so that's always cool. i love blogging in the rest room.

i feel i'm totally going to fail biology. i will talk to my instructor today. i must. i need a C. even a low C. a C is a C is a C right? so i'll totally take it. i'll right like 2 papers if i have to. just don't let me get a D. i know i failed this test today. i just don't get biology. no matter how hard i try, and at times i try. i cannot grasp it.

truth is, everyone's best is not an A. and i'm proving fact that my biology best seems to be a D. just as i got my freshman year of college. it just is. i don't want to drop the class because i NEED it. i'm a freaking senior.but i have to have a C. D's don't transfer. a prayer needs to be said.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

i WILL respond. i had to look thru archives just to see what post that was being referenced. though i had a clue, just wanted to be accurate. its in response to my post on June 8, about missing white women.

It's comments like yours that continue to put us behind in the times. I truly believe it was the situation that brought this issue to the news. The fact that a group of high school kids were on a graduation trip and one of them turns up missing. I am not a white person and it never crossed my mind to take offense over this tragic situation. Sure there are people in this world of ALL colors who are prejudiced, including black people. There is a Miss America beauty pageant which includes women of all races and colors, yet why is it okay that there is a Black Miss America pageant, or the Black Music Awards? If there was a White Miss America Pageant or a White Music Awards, people would scream. A black person can call another black person "nigger" and it's okay, but when a non-white person says it, it's considered racial slander. If you want to continue to focus your thoughts on the color of a person's skin, then that is your right. I just don't agree that your negative thoughts need to be shared so that other people like you can make it more difficult to get past the color issue. For me, we all bleed the same color and there are more important things in this world to waste my energies on, like the war and getting our soldiers back alive and on US ground. I will continue to focus my thoughts on the families of all missing persons, in hopes that they find their loved ones alive and well.
my comments don't put anyone behind. if anything they should help bring them forward. you say the situation is why they are so dedicated in finding this young lady? i highly doubt it. the situation surrounded to why a person is missing shouldn't even matter. finding them period is all that matters. situation. eh. i don't think so, but lets always remember this is alway my entitled opinion. i do believe that if we were sure that we would be treated fairly, and unbiased we wouldn't need our own. but we never have been treated unbiased. because history shows that. these are facts. time after time it is shown that its never unbiased, and its never fair. so in order for us to uplift OUR community we must do things to uplift our people, fairly and ubiased. i mean seriously do you not think they wouldn't like to have their own. it is there own. i don't know why we decided that we would join what they had. because the miss america pageant WAS all white for a long time. it was is theirs. they have just acted as though the doors are open for everyone. so when they had their white miss america, we need to not be so fixated on being apart of theirs, and just have our own. we do not have to do everything together. in order for us to be effective we must survive and provide for our own. for some of your comments i'm baffled. first i never call anyone out of their name, especially not nigger. its stupid to use period. but for you to stand up for the cause that oooo....non-blacks can't use it why not...i'm black and i want them to use it. explain yourself on that. it makes no sense. using the word nigger is a problem for the BLACK community, and we can deal with it ourselves. quit trying to bring in others to complain, yes i challenge you to CHOOSE a side. deal with it in your community, forget that the white man feels left out on this community issue. i believe you are highly influenced and have lost sight of the real thing going on here. reality is that you are Black, and you seem to have SO much concern for them, that you have not time to have concern for self as a BLACK person. they got you embracing their ideas? if they are your own, i just ask that you examine them. and really ask, what are you seeking? acceptance? and from who? them? because we'd already embrace you. but you want them to embrace you?
and my negative thoughts are my opinions. that i can express over and over here on my blog, in my writings for my school paper, and from the top of my lungs. don't like don't listen, and sure as heck don't read. because no one is wrong here. don't judge. we may all bleed the same color, but we don't all die for the same cause. ask yourself this...and this is so minor but its so true...why are more than 90% of american cemetaries segregated? if we all bleed the same color, and we all die. we still cannot be buried together? in 2005? but i have negative comments. you have in my opinion faulty points. because i don't feel you really have foundation for them. but opinions CAN be that way. but if you are going to bring em', well than BRING em with some backbone.

Friday, June 24, 2005

i have living room furniture! feels like a home now. its all coming together.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

burn the flag. who cares. its a piece of material. if i'm upset and want to burn it i will. if its cold outside i will drape over me, and if it touches the ground too bad.

seems like we should be trying to figure out more effective ways to end poverty, crime and drug abuse, not worrying if some cloth touches the ground or gets burned.

they start telling us we can't do whatever we want with something we paid for and something that belongs to us, what next. i can't eat my chicken with one hand. i mean seriously. is it that crucial.

if really "believe" in the american flag, than you know that the actual flag just comes a dime a dozen. just as if you go to church, you know that the building is just a building, not the church, the people in the church make up the church.

its a play on words maybe. but think about it. i will probably burn my flag on the 4th. just because. i'm spiteful. and i feel i can do whatever the heck i want to to with my property.

Black i'm kidding...a little bit

its just one of those days, that a girl goes through

today i woke up alarmed and thoughtless. really just through off my morning routine. so my day started off a little blah. but i will bounce back

just finished my lab exam. waiting now outside to go back in, to get lectured for a few hours, than i'm dissing lab and going home. got some business to take care of.

i'm not some link queen...or least i'm not in the mood to link...but if you go to , you'll see that a generous man donated 2.1 million dollars to my university. report says it will be used for scholarships beginning this fall. guess who'll be the first in line for that sign up.

one day i hope to be able to be a generous alum. but if not, ah well i'll always come back to contribute in buying alumni wear.
thats if, and only if PV doesn't piss me off first. which they are headed in the right direction to doing. while i'm on this trip let me be brutally honest and state what i will not support.

Dear PV,
My beloved school. I will not support the fact that we are losing the facts that this is an HBCU (historically black college/university. meaning exactly what it says. please don't lose those values and sell out. they have A&M up the road for that. treatment of students must improve, and i must believe that this university wants ME here, a black student more than they want to send the free students who are the minortiy. remember that at one point in time they wouldn't even stop at Prairie View, and wouldn't let us go to A&M, now we get ours, and they want it. please dont' sell out. see it for what its worth. keep it for our children. don't lose your dignity

A dedicated black student, for which the school was founded for.

thats it...take it as is.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

convicted 41 years later and its ok. this man has lived his life. and now he's guilty.

lemme throw in some sarcasm
i love how they gave this killer 41 years to live outside the prison walls. then convict him. after he's gotten to a rip old age, and say well at least we didn't let him get away. he's been convicted. we admit he did it. isn't that enough. convicting someone guilty for 41 years, 41 years later doesn't do jack. its stupid. IMHO why even waste time convicting him. justice has not been served. if this is justice than please take away all liberty and little freedom i do have.

america sucks on this part. the justice system is biased. and works to profit or benefit those who know how to scam it.
a scam they let run for 41 years. brilliant. simply.

and to the parents and loved ones of the three (3) young gentlemen. they get what? nothing.
they knew for 41 years that this man was one of the killers. but they have coped now. and convicting a million year old grandpa does nothing. a little sigh, but for me it would on make me more upset. he lived his life. those men didn't.

if i were a white man for one day what would i do... <~~just a random thought.

i just absolutly love it.

: A Black American ……

: I love being Black. I love being called Black. I love being an American.
: I love being a Black American, but as a Black man in this country I think it’s a shame
: That every few years we get a change of name.

: Since those first ships arrived here from Africa that came across the sea
: There were already Black men in this country who were free.
: And as for those that came over here on those terrible boats,
: They were called nigga and slave
: And told what to do, and how to behave.

: And then master started trippin’ and doing his midnight tippin’,
: Down to the slave shacks where he forced he and Great-Great Grandma to be together,
: And if Great-Great Grandpa protested, he got tarred and feathered.

: And at the same time, the Black men in the country who were free,
: Were mating with the tribes like the Apache and the Cherokee.
: And as a result of all that, we’re a parade of every shade.
: And as in this late day and age, you can be sure,
: They ain’t too many of us in this country whose bloodline is pure.

: But, according to a geological, geographical, genealogy study published in Time Magazine,
: The Black African people were the first on the scene,
: So for what it’s worth, the Black African people were the first on earth
: And through migration, our characteristics started to change, and rearrange,
: To adapt to whatever climate we migrated to.
: And that’s how I became me, and you became you.

: So, if we gonna go back, let’s go all the way back,
: And if Adam was Black and Eve was Black,
: Then that kind of makes it a natural fact that everybody in America is an African American.

: Everybody in Europe is an African European; everybody in the Orient is an African Asian
: And so on and so on,
: That is, if the origin of man is what we’re gonna go on.
: And if one drop of Black blood makes you Black like they say,
: Then everybody’s Black anyway.

: So quit trying to change my identity.
: I’m already who I was meant to be
: I’m a Black American, born and raised.
: And brother James Brown wrote a wonderful phrase,
: “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud! Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud!”

: Cause I’m proud to be Black and I ain’t never lived in Africa,
: And ‘cause my Great-Great Granddaddy on my Daddy’s side did, don’t mean I want to go back. (lol)
: Now I have nothing against Africa,
: It’s where some of the most beautiful places and people in the world are found.
: But I’ve been blessed to go a lot of places in this world,
: And if you ask me where I choose to live, I pick America, hands down.

: Now, by and by, we were called Negroes, and after while, that name has vanished.
: Anyway, Negro is just how you say “black” in Spanish.
: Then, we were called colored, but shit, everybody’s one color or another,
: And I think it’s a shame that we hold that against each other.

: And it seems like we reverted back to a time when being called Black was an insult,
: Even if it was another Black man who said it, a fight would result,
: Cause we’ve been so brainwashed that Black was wrong,
: So that even the yellow niggahs and black niggahs couldn’t get along.

: But then, came the 1960s when we struggled and died to be called equal and Black,
: And we walked with pride with our heads held high and our shoulders pushed back,
: And Black was beautiful.

: But, I guess that wasn’t good enough,
: Cause now here they come with some other stuff.
: Who comes up with this shit anyway?
: Was it one, or a group of niggahs sitting around one day?

: Feelin’ a little insecure again about being called Black
: And decided that African American sounded a little more exotic.
: Well, I think you were being a little more neurotic.

: It’s that same mentality that got “Amos and Andy” put off the air,
: Cause’ they were embarrassed about the way the character’s spoke.
: And as a result of that action, a lot of wonderful Black actors ended up broke.
: When we were just laughin’ and have fun about ourselves.
: So I say, “Fuck you if you can’t take a joke.”
: You didn’t see the “Beverly Hillbilly’s” being protested by white folks.

: And if you think, that cause you think that being called African American set all Black people’s mind at ease…..

: Since we affectionately call each other “niggah”,

: I affectionately say to you, “Niggah Please”. (LOL)

: How come I didn’t get the chance to vote on who I’d like to be?
: Who gave you the right to make that decision for me?
: I ain’t under your rule or in your dominion
: And I am entitled to my own opinion.

: Now there are some African Americans here,
: But they recently moved here from places like Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Zaire.
: But, now the brother who’s family has lived in the country for generations,
: Occupying space in all the locations
: New York, Miami, L.A., Detroit, Chicago-
: Even if he’s wearing a dashiki and sporting an afro.

: And, if you go to Africa in search of your race,
: You’ll find out quick you’re not an African American,
: You’re just a Black American in Africa... takin’ up space.

: Why you keep trying to attach yourself to a continent,
: Where if you got the chance and you went,
: Most people there wouldn't even claim you as one of them; as a pure bread daughter or son of them.
: Your heritage is right here now, no matter what you call yourself or what you say
: And a lot of people died to make it that way.
: And if you think America is a leader on inequality and suffering and grievin’
: How come there so many people comin’ and so few leavin’?.

(eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!........ tell em Smokey. haha)

: Rather than all this ‘find fault with America’ shit you promotin’,
: If you want to change something, use your privilege, get to the polls!
: Commence to votin’!

: God knows we’ve earned the right to be called American Americans and be free at last.
: And rather than you movin’ forward progress, you dwelling in the past.
: We’ve struggled too long; we’ve come too far.
: Instead of focusing on who we were, let’s be proud of who we are.

: We are the only people whose name is always a trend.
: When is this shit gonna end?
: Look at all the different colors of our skin-
: Black is not our color. It’s our core.
: It’s what we been livin’ and fightin’ and dyin’ for.

: But if you choose to be called African American and that’s your preference
: Then I ‘ll give you that reference

: But I know on this issue I don’t stand alone on my own and if I do, then let me be me
: And I’d appreciate it if when you see me, you’d say, “there goes a man who says it loud I’m Black. I’m Black. I’m a Black American, and I’m proud

: Cause I love being an American. And I love being Black. I love being called Black.

: Yeah, I said it, and I don’t take it back.

: Smokey Robinson
: Def Poets, 3rd Season
: May 16, 2003

blogging in a window

as i sit on this cold window sill i can't help but dwell on the lecture test i just finished up 10minutes ago. biology. my definte enemy has attacked again. this time i brought at least a shield. my first test i was empty handed. next week i should have some armor with me, and if i try hard enough a sword.

days seem longer. night shorter. always hot in houston. period.

inside i feel this need to express happiness, but my stubborness won't let me. its confusing i know, even i don't understand. i'm learning to take things as is, i cannot fix everything, and i cannot even understand everything. but i can learn from any and every thing.

post later.

Monday, June 20, 2005

WARNING this is vent post...

I officially HATE biology. And i'm so far gone in the hate that i don't even have any desire to learn biology. I hate math with a passion, but i'd take a math class over this crap anyday. because ya know least i can count. guarantee. i mean it absoultly sucks. the fact that i a journalism student must spend countless hours in a biology class talking about atoms and molecules and plasma membranes. who the phuc cares about plasma membranes. especially when i'm losing my very own not working well brain. i feel i have other and better ways to spend my time. i could just make up random things that make more sense than spending hours in a biology class. yes i know the basics, and thats about all i really feel i need to know. because when push comes to shove you can always find a doctor or nurse or someone who gives a phuc about biology and its related fields. i my dear friends can tell you about writing. and tell you about emotions. not what the heck diffusion and gradients are. because i know you don't care, and trust i REALLY could care less.
school ends on the 12th of july. if i could just muster up a C, even a low C, because a C is a C is a C. i'll be fine. and i can live out the rest of my life, happy and one less stress burden on my hips.

anyone that is a biology major or related field (science period) i hate it. period. because with a belief in God, i feel that science is just in depth research into the unnessesary. meaning, hey God made me. period. i really don't care how it all fits and works together. i just know i'm here. blessed and happy. who cares what the atomic number of an element is.

i wanna be in my own element, making up my own know why?

because i can count.

i have to say congrats to my cousin. she and her husband has a reaffirmation of their vows on saturday. even got my grandmother to ride 9 hours to come to the wedding. it was nice seeing all of my family.

i feel i am just tortured everyday that i must come to class. its really redundant and time consuming. i must do all that i can to stay awake, and really to get myself to even come in the morning. its sad. it really is. and today, with how i'm feeling, the mood has just hit me, i don't see my presence being seen in lab today. i must go home and clean up (its plaguing me) and i need an oil change, and i need to pick up some necessities. basically i feel i have better things to do. plus i'm hungy. hunger can always challenge you.

again, and again. we argue. brutal honesty and hurt are thrown into the fire. when we fight, we hold nothing back.
that sucks. but we do it anyways. but thankfully we always come back to agreement. without friends...
Kasai, i forgive you and hope that you sincerly forgive me. arguing for us is like stepping on burning leather. its sucks.

well i suppose i can doodle for awhile. check my other e-mail. download SOMETHING besides pay attention.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

hey world,

i'm still here. just been away from the house for a few days. well more like in and out.

nothing really i want to say tonight. for once i'm not in the mood to blog.

will catch up probably on monday...


Thursday, June 16, 2005

i was asked what do i mean by rules.

what i mean by rules is people have a set of rules we must follow in this world and white people have another set of rules they follow.

we as blacks cannot simply do the same things as whites and get off as they could. i cannot walk outside at 3 in the morning. because i will be stopped and questioned. they likely hood of them being stopped and questioned..slim to none.

dwb...driving while black does occur. has happened to me on at least three occasions. rules are different. please ALWAYS wear your seat belt, because they will stop you before they stop them. child is misbehaving in school...thats a bad child
white child is misbehving in school....that child is expressing emotion, and is just being a tough cookie.

different rules apply. ask yourself would they have handcuffed a white child. let me answer for you...NO. different set of rules.

and sadly enough they make up the rules. call me racist and throwing out every sterotype there is, but i see this as factual. because it has been proven over time. time and time again.

blacks cannot get away with the same things whites can. period.
take one episode of cops for instance.

when a white person is pulled over, they can get out of the car, hands to the side, and sit on the curb while officers search the vehicle, and the officers speak to them and ask questions.

black man pulled over for the same reason, he is asked to put his hands up, and be put in cuffs while searching the car. asked not to speak, and not spoken to in the same tone.

watch one episode i gurantee it...i do...just watch...there are a different set of rules for us. period.

i hope i explained well enough...e-mail me or leave a comment if i didnt'. and tell me if you agree or disagree i'm curious to know.

i would seriously like to start a group blog. i don't have too many specific's but i would like around 5-7 people. diversity, but commonality. such as people around my age, some of the same interest and so forth. "youth in america" eh...but everyone doesn't have to be a youth...

black ambition...hit me up...i'm sorry that i don't know your name...lets exchange AIM SN or YIM that we can chat. i'd def. want to hook up and do this...

its a work in process...but i would like to see it follow thru.

for a list of racist go to where you can find who didn't sign the lynching apology. thanks kay hutchins (sp?) reppin texas to the fullest. R stands for racist. we've been lied to this whole time.

i doesn't even phase me that so many didn't sign. when you have strong believes that what your ancestors did wasn't wrong, and you want to find some way to justify it today, well bygolly (my word for the day) of course you wouldn't sign something telling black folks we're sorry.

but if anything i'm glad they had the guts not to sign it. and be real. stand up for what they believe. tell the niggers that hey we don't support it. and don't question why i didn't. heck if were white (thank God i'm black) i would have signed it in vain, just so that i wouldn't have to deal with the consequences. though: if i were white, i'd be punk

did i ever state how much i like segregation. just throwing that in out of no where. it just dawned on me why.

we (blacks) have a set of rules. and they have a set of rules. we have a place in this world. and we need to know our place.
kobe forgot his place, michael forgot his place, and chris (tucker) forgot his place. just because you have status, doesn't mean that black rules still dont' apply to you. they apply even more now.

i'm dead serious about that statement. i am black. i can not do as the white folks do. period. and yes in this world 2005 i cannont. and i must find contemptment with that. period.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

DVD's are better than cable

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because i don't have cable. but i do have dvd's to entertain the fact that i don't have cable. and some ps2 games thrown in for fun.

Kasai and I

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Kasai and i getting ready to go to her cousin's graduation. Actually in this picture we were mad at each other, but set up pretense for the camera. We had just got thru arguing intensely. we didn't speak the whole ride to the graduation.


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my infamous powerbook g4. working like a charm. keeping me hip

last night (june 14)

i became a big sister again.

Nigel Wallace (middle name coming soon)
9lbs (some ounces) and like 20inches

my grandmother said...he's got pretty eye lashes, chubby and looks like his daddy.
(i'm told i look like him too) eh...

this makes my little brothers Darrien Michael (8) and Desmond Ezekial (3) big brothers. Dezy was looking forward to it the most.

more info later. and maybe a picture this weekend.

at this point, my two youngest brothers feel like my nephews or something. not sure why. i guess their age. darrien of course i've known the longest, at age eight, i know him. but i've been out of high school for three years, so i haven't gotten the chance to grow up with dezy. as i won't be able to grow with Nigel. so they are like my nephews.

which i just want to say i have two handsome nephews, Jaylen Nakita McCloud (1) and Michael Lord Taylor III (born in april)

don't expect any of these coming from me anytime soon...though seems like we could use a girl in this broad. i would love to have a niece. but i need no more siblings. seriously.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i won't say if i feel mj is guilty or not guilty. i didn't follow the trial, i wasn't in the court room and i don't know what was said specifically.

but i don't think he should be judged. at least not from me. i vow to never judge another human being because i am not, nor have ever been in that position to judge. mj has a conscience. i don't know if it works or not, but for me this is between him and his God. period. if mj can live with himself than who am i to condemn.

i believe this is what i call 'filler' news. as a journalist i have learned that the public dwells in entertainment and gossip news. and the media has done a well job at doing filler news with the mj trial. let us not forget the real criminal at large. your president. g dubya. there is still a war going on people. people are dying daily. and for what. they are dying in vain. and the criminal is right there in the white house chillen. indirectly killing young lives, innocent lives.

but we choose to hound mj, not even knowing ALL the facts. but we know all the facts here. and time after time we refuse to look at the matter at hand, and do something about it.

wrong is wrong. mj was wrong to have children in his bed. bush is wrong for starting a war over nothing. but we choose and we pick. we place blame and we complain.

but someone's son isn't coming home in july like scheduled. and next week someone's daughter will fall, grandson will be injured, and child will be laid to rest.

war is bad. war is big. it should be our biggest concern. but here in america, a society that is so fixated on minute things (not that this accuser's accusations are small, and they are just accusations), but million of children are abused. and i know some that hit close to homee..

the iraq war was avoidable. we cannot save every child. sadly we cannont. but lets not lose focus. you give in to the filler news, and forget, oh yes, Sister so-and-so's son won't be home for the 19th or the 4th which ever independence day your celebrate. but mj was found not guilty and i'm more upset over that.

yeah right..

Monday, June 13, 2005

You scored as Straight.









Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?
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ok michael. okay. i really don't have anything to say on the obvious.

michael is my favorite entertainer. period. i'm a die hard mike fan.

but i just feel i won't be redundant and post anything about the verdict.

yes i'm glad he was not convicted. but i want him to def. learn.

there i commented

chillen back at the coffee house, waiting on open mic to begin, i'm so excited, i love stuff like this, just absoultly love it

found a wireless java house. loving it. of course since its 3pm in the day no one is here, but me, but i just came to pass time and use the internet provided. i love atmosphere's like this. i want to seriously one day own my own coffee house/poetry lounge. thats my ultimate dream, and it would most likely look just like this one i'm in. next time i'll bring the digi cam to show. looks like they have live music here from time to time. i will be back tonight. right now i'm just passing time, before i meet up with kasai.

i see myself coming here. period. free internet, and not to mention there is no vibe here, but i could just imagine. they are opened till 12am on friday and saturday, till 10 during the week. this will make my transistion to houston easier. because i like stuff like this. and had been searching so hard to find something such as this.

not sure what the exact web address is, but google Wired Java, its in cypress. a suburb of houston. and if you are in the houston area you should stop by. enjoy some coffee.

dude even hooked me up with a free water, because i have no cash and only a debit card. i owe him. so i'll def be back. too hot right not to get coffee.


lecture exam in biology. sucks because after the lab exam she's not letting us leave. we must wait outside for everyone to finish, THEN come back inside the classroom to actually have lecture. what sense does that make? eh...

makes senese to me to have both the lecture and lab exam together. get it over with and call it a day. but of course that would be too ideal.

quick point - the opened up the 'mississippi burning' case again? and the emmett till case? i don't quite understand. i'm already indifferent about our justice sucks. and again i feel the system has screwed us over. wait till all the suspect live a happy life, die, than try to convict those that didn't die soon enough?

rules. red tap. playing the justice system. they do it so well. and we're supposed to be satisfed with that. they aren't seeking justice. they are trying to get us to shut up and forget it. saying well "at least we tried" 45 years later. eh...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

i'm sad. love does that.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

wow 4am i don't see you often. nor do i want to see you often. last night kasai and i had a girls night out. we originally were to go to the red cat jazz cafe on congress, but opted to valet park and continue down the side street towards the suede lounge. where we had been a previous friday and had a ball with the young hip hop crowd. the suede lounge has proven to be a diverse club. sometimes hip hop urban (read:black) crowd hangs out, and sometimes where hippies bang on bongo's. you never know the atmosphere. but judging from last night, the friday night we experienced was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity.
we continued down the strip to sambuca's an upscale jazz club. we sat at the bar and listened to a band play all variety's of music. at one point a man was playing a washboard (yes the washboard your great-great grandmother used to use), and a harmonica. kasai and i were in heaven. the bartender also hooked me up on a fruity drink, a heatwave, i do believe. tasted just like a ripe georgia peach. after we left sambuca's we headed to the suede lounge to finish out our night. the club was popping but of course not as it was that lucky friday before. but over all after we found air circulating by the dj's booth we had a great time. houston's night life isn't the best. nor the worst. i long to go to austin's 6th street any day.
but it was the best we do. we opted for ihop around 3, and made our was in the bed around 4. woke up at 8:30 (kasai had to go to work) and i'm now about to venture back to my bed for a good hour or so. only to wake up to work on my biology lab report. kasai gets off around 2. she also took my car. in an attempt to keep myself grounded at the house to work on my biology.

with all the fun we had, you'de never guess we had had a huge spat only hours before. but friends manage to make things better when need be. and we both came through as friends.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Which Family Guy character are you?

i was hoping i was stewie...or at least chris... LOL

in reference to my previous post about missing white women (mww). today i woke up and flipping thru channels (before i settled on 'the cosby show'), i was watching the local Fox news channel here in Houston. and down at the bottom on their little espn copied 'tracker' was the report, that there is a missing DOG in champions a mini suburb of Houston.

a dog?

this dog made it on fox news because why? oh because he's a show dog?
because he was petnapped out of a vehicle?

so a dog can even make it on the news before our missing black brothers and sisters?

come on, please tell me that we are treated better than animals?

i'll try to find my evidence, but i know what i read.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i had a chance to 'swing' by the dentist today. i need a root canal and a crown. costing around $1700. i got two scripts for some meds. some penicillin potassium and some 800mg ibuprofen.

think if i sell em' i can make some money to actually get the tooth fixed. i will say that having a tooth ache is the WORST pain you can face. i have yet to give birth so i guess i can't really make that claim, but until then, i will say it is the worst.

its like stomping your big toe, getting a paper cut on your pinkie finger, having a stomach ache and headeace and a stopped up nose, with a sore throat all at the same time.

that my dear friends is the pain of a tooth ache.

i'm at this point willing to sell a kidney, knee cap or my right ear to get my tooth fixed. that or either just kill me now. seriously, this is the worst pain i've every expereinced.

i've had a root canal before, but i don't remember the tooth causing that much pain. but i could be wrong. than again i did go get it fixed immediatly the next day.

i'm seriously using all my will power not to go in the kitchen and get my hammer and just taking myself out. i just want to put myself out of this misery.

take me now...


Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

so blacks aren't liberal? or a republican and democrat got together and did this poster together.
are republicans and democrats different?

i read a post on another blog about MWW (missing white women) in America. and it had never dawned on me before, but its so very true, the media (my future field of work) is geared only to white america. at least it only has their best interest at heart. there are thousand's of unfortanate souls that are missing, black white, latino, asian, persian, german you name it that are missing and whose families are desperate to have them back. but its only the white familes who get media attention to find the missing loved one.

i know life is not fair, but i hate that the media is so adament about not even being discrete when it comes to MWW. its sickening. that we've come so far in 40 years, yet to be so far behind. for every step we take forward, we are pushed back three.

i want those who are not black, to for one second not think of me as some angry black girl, whose not seeing all the facts or whose just very opinionated (i am) and step into my world for a second. i am a 21 year old black college student living in america. now if i were to go missing tomorrow would the post my picture all across the news as they have the missing girl in aruba? latisha versus lets say abigail. who will make fox news first.

latisha B student at a university, aspiring to make her career in journalism. loving family. dedicated friends, and potential (at least i think) to do well in life

abigail. white. period

it doesn't matter what abigal does. she could be a recently out of rehab, she beats me to get on the 10 o'clock news because she is white period. and i beg any media outlet to differ. or you for that matter.

we are living in the times, where color does still matter. lacy. the run-away bride, aruba teen, missing girl for seven years working at wal-mart. but what about us. what about the women of color that are missing...

America doesn't care. because america isn't for us. nor about us. we must fend for ourselves, and never look for the same help.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i am about to attend lab in a few mintues. and my coughing attacks have just begun. when i get a little heated (hot!) i start coughing uncontrollably. it sucks. so i really hope that today i will not have to excuse myself from class to catch my breath, because after a few i can't breathe well and i start getting hysterical. i just want to make it to 2:40 because i really can't afford to miss both classes.

yahoo/sbc has DSL for $14.95 a month, i musn't miss this deal, thats to great. and its guranteed for 12months. i think i can cough up $15 plus some every month, for speedy downloads and whatnot. i didn't want to abandon my plan for free dial-up with the free CD's, but $14.95 i'd be passing up an offer, on something i was going to eventually get anyways.

just seems like now its going to be sooner than later.

now i must fend forself and find out what we did in lecture today. seems as though she told everyone how many slides are required for an upcoming powerpoint presentation. i hate biology. and i somewhat hate having to go out on a limb and ask people what we did in class, and have them explain...more times that not, incorrectly, and then from there be unsure of exactly what i need to do.

but thats my own fault. cough

i have a cold. a i'm coughing up mucas and its tasting terrible cold. i have very bad sinuses. sinus where my head throbs behind my ears to the point that i just want to take an ice pick and pick my ears till they bleed. to find relief. and i have allergies. allergies that were never this bad till i moved to houston, now i use nasal spray, allegra D, and whatever else to find relief.

i will stay home for my lecture. but will have to try and make it to lab. and i might still try to make it to lecture, it is a bit early to say. i have till 9:30 to make up my mind.

def. not up to par. tooth is still aching a bit. and i do have a few cramps here and there.

this is a terrible tuesday.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Originally uploaded by latisha1903.

i had this bracelet for five (5) years. it was the perfect knot that i tied by accident. till one sad night in austin, while setting in my temporary office, undressing for a bath. it snapped. it went completly crazy and it just fell off. i held back tears, and today now have placed my beloved bracelet of five years, a relationship i cherished, in a glass coke bottle that i that one day i can find some time to super glue it back to my leg.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

blogging from class. wireless IS the best.

i had every intention to come to class, listen, and observe and to learn. but the professor handed out notes.
yes she handed out THE notes. everything she is currently saying up at the screen, she has all ready given to us.
so what's the point of listening there is no point

tomorrow i will dedicate myself to listening. thats a lie

lab after this. i must pay attnetion during lab. because thats the hardest part of biology for me.

syllabus informs that we will do a chapter a DAY. and a test for lecture every monday. test for lab to follow on tuesday.

last day of class. july 12. thats not to bad.


i jacked this from jeff at

1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A SECOND HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? after i get my first house...i'd build my second in italy



4. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? 7:30, lie in bed till 8


6. IF YOU COULD PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? i'm going to start back on the guitar one day


8. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SPORTS CAR OR SUV? i have a sports car, never again to buy a 2 door car. i prefer a SUV

9. DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? i believe in heaven and hell

10. FAVORITE CHILDREN’S BOOK? I'll love you forever

11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? spring, without the allergies


13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? one says spirit and the other faith [in chinese]

14. CAN YOU JUGGLE? nope




18. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? bacon cheese burger


20. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? frenchy's chicken

you know that feeling you get the first day of school. the excitment you have about finally getting to see what a class is all about. putting on your new clothes, meeting your classmates and getting to see who your professor is. i don't have that feeling today.

summer classes begin today. i have opted to take my much needed science courses at the local community college near by. and i don't have that feeling of excitment.

i just woke up. dizzy. and cold. i must have gotten up during the night and changed the thermostat to 70. and i'm not up to par, as far as how i feel this morning. i'm lacking in cough syrup, and my throat is scratchy.

and the mere thought of thinking how long my class will laugh is enough to discourage anyone from being excited about class.

10:40 till 2:40. thats a lecture and a lab for biology. eh...this is the price i must pay.

i'll start getting ready around 9:30. the college is right up the street. and i will blog about.

until then.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

i'm mad at Houston, for doing major construction work on EVERY freaking highway in the city. 610, I-10, 59, 45 and whatever else you can think of is always closed at some point in time. and sometimes they even have the audacity to close them at the same exact time. which constitutes why i got lost today trying to make it to church. which i wasn't able to attend, and got lost, and finally found my way back to the construction ridden 610 south to come back home.


yesterday my best friend and i got into the worst fight we've ever been in. we really were at each others throats and said harsh words to one another. it was intense. at one point she was just going to bounce, but her husband intervened and MADE us talk it out. i hope i never fight again with her like i did yesterday. i thouht seriously o god this is the end. but we did work it out. took us a good three hours. but through out love for one another we did work it out. thats what friends do.

if she has any reason to be mad at me now, its only because i'm up 21 to 15 in our speed competition. i AM the queen of speed. how ya like that!

luckily summer school starts for me tomorrow. i have yet to purchase my books, which look to be about $150, i was slowful and was not able to order them online as i do for my fall and spring semester so i will have to sacrfice this mulah. Biology. i got a D my freshman year. and since Ds don't transfer i have been forced to take this class over again. and i made the sacrfice of my summer, because i refuse to take Biology with a bunch of freshmen in the fall. i'm a senior dernit. i will only surround myself with my peers when it comes to taking classes if i have a choice.

not that i don't like freshmen, and not that some seniors, juniors or sophomore's don't act like freshmen, but in the fall freshmen get on my nerves. because they are fresh out of high school, and college is close to the real world, and we are adults here. i need them to work on acting like one.

[observation] guy just walked by looks sorta like Lionle Richie

wish desperate housewives was coming on tonight. i was always looking forward to watching that. but i guess i'll settle for a blockbuster night?

Friday, June 03, 2005

oooooweeeeeee! can you say free wireless in the library. which just so happens to also be the school library well i will be taking my summer school courses.

i love wireless. this is my first time to ever use it too. and its great. what does this run for home wireless. i'm sure i can't afford it but it would be great.

i even scooped out some java type cafe's that provide free wireless. can't wait to go there and sip on a mocha and type and surf, and do whatever else i can't do at home on dial-up.

with free internet all around you. a mac powerbook and a car. a little cash. why pay to get online. get out and let people envy you.

[mean laugh]

Thursday, June 02, 2005

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Are You A Republican?

thats scary. seeing as to how i vote independent. i do hold conservative points, but i know that i'm more liberal than anything.

i think my blogging sucks. i can write much better when i'm writing editorials and news stories. i've never been much of a feature writer i don't think. people have always commented me on my writing skills, and i've always thought it was okay. i never thought i could really write well. people believe in my ability more than i do. so after everytime i post i just know for sure that the bolgna i just posted was crappy.

i've tried to avoid the topic for the longest. but i will make one reference it it.
Love sucks. its painful. joyful. time-consuming. beneficial. and well i like it. love can be blissful hell.

today i'm blogging from the country. happy that i even have internet connection. thank God for this powerbook. it has truly become my best friend.

later i will attempt to blog about current status of my school. Prairie View A&M University that used to hold an HBCU status. i will vent on that. and you can only imagine what it can be about.

i am pro black. but not necessarily anti-anything. but i AM pro Black. and i do believe that PV has failed me. it has failed the Black community. and though i love my school (again that word) i am disappointed. for PV punking out on me. and being a school that doesn't hold values anymore. PV you have failed.