Monday, May 30, 2005

we got back from corpus christi around 4AM. closed my eyes to go to sleep around 5:30. woke up at 11:30. happy memorial day.

i'm not at liberty to say why we made the trip to corpus but i will complain about how i didn't like the trip. i have my own fustrations. i do know that i have no desire to go running back to corpus anytime soon. it rained. the city was dead. and their were NO black people to be found, except my best friend and i.

we were both totally amazed and flabbergasted that in this city, population around 60,000, Blacks account for only 5% of the population. i don't want to be anywhere, where i cannot see another black face for miles to come. i was uncomfortable, and struggling.

11 hours of my day was wasted. wasted on a trip, whose whole purpose was busted from the beginning.

this trip taught me a lesson, took 11 hours of my day, but it was a lesson that i did learn. so its better to say that i learned my lesson in those 11 hours, as oppposed to have gone 11 hours without learning at least something, and walking away knowing more than i did when i left.

i was so happy to see houston at 4am, that i could hardly hold my excitement. but let me at least say that i did, through all that time have somewhat have an okay time. i did share laughter, and inside jokes with my friends during this time. but for what it was worth, i could have stayed at home for that.

so now its 1:17 on this beautful monday. i will eventually get up. shower, dress and go pay my rent.

i spent 11 hours of my day, to learn a lesson. and still, i'm not at ease.


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