Tuesday, May 24, 2005

watching "a different world"

i'm a tad pissed at my apartment complex representatives. these fools came into my apartment un-announced to leave me a complaint letter about disturbance from a neighbor. I'm upset not because of the letter, but the fact that they didn't have the courtesy to leave the note on the outside of my door, as they had done in the past with my lease agreement and other documents they have seen fit to bring to my household. today they will get a mouth full.

i'm also a bit pissed at whoever had the audacity to complain to the clubhouse about me being a disturbance. need they forget that this IS an apartment complex and not some cozy home sitting on the countryside. they are not the only ones living here and they must learn to live around others. i would have been more than happy to turn down my music, which may have been a little loud at 3pm in the day, but for them to complain without speaking to me is B.S. and i have a mouthfull for them too. because if i EVER him them bump this wall...i will complain...two can play this game. I have never in my whole time of living in an apartment (going on three years now) complained about noise. because one, i do realize that people have different lifestyles and that i am not special and must adapt. 4am music and 3pm music...difference, but still i wouldn't complain the first time. the 10th time maybe, and i still would speak to them first...then the 12th time i would ask the club house to speak to them. but i would never file a complaint...call me a fool.

so now i am going to roll out of bed, shower, dress and prepare my mouth full of "i'm upset, and don't ever enter my apartment for a note again."


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Mike P said...

Turn the other cheek is what I always say. I give them a couple of chances first before starting a feud. You might want to stay there longer and this could become a problem if you complain too early.
have a great life just surfing..


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