Thursday, May 26, 2005

washing at 7:30 in the AM i'm sure has never been on the top of anyone's...things i love to do list.

but at least now i have a selection of clean underwear, instead of a scarce non variety.

i've decided to add some BC powder to my already addictive ibprofen daily dosage, to stop the ever lasting pain that my tooth is causing. send dontations so that i may visit a dentist. :)

everytime i see a bill in my mailbox, or fill up my gas tank, or drop of clothes at the cleaners, i am reminded of the popular Toy's R Us song, that so many of us, belived true.

I don't wanna grow,
I'm a Toy's R Us Kid,
There's a million toys at Toy's R Us
That I can play with

forget the toys, i just wanna be a kid again. or at least have kid responsibilties. growing up is a...blessing truly, so i really don't want to be a kid again, just some days.

question? does anyone else have their favorite businesses on speed dial in their cell phones? such as wingstop, i have both the houston one and cedar hill (dallas) in my phone, blockbuster, and i will be slipping in wal-mart soon. also thinking about putting in chic-fil-lay so that i can just drive up, pay and be out...have my food ready...beeotch.


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