Friday, May 27, 2005

so i guess i'll pay my rent today. another role of being an adult.

going ot miss the days where you spent your parents i must use my own...i've always hated to see my bank account number go down. this will take some getting used to.

paid my overage at T-Mobile. 119 over the alloted 600. eh. please never call until after 9pm.

summer school starts on the 6th of June. because i've been lazy, and didn't take my science classes in my first two semesters in college, i must sacrfice my summer to take both Biology I and Biology II. And i think i'll throw in Philosophy in there too. [secret: i erased philosophy like seven times because i can't remember how to spell it...out of school for two weeks, and your vocabulary just goes down the drain...took me whole three minutes just to write this sentence]

today i will spend my day searching for some shoes to wear on saturday night. saw some at DSW that were ok, but not exactly what i was looking for. shoe shopping has never been fun to me. and i'm avoiding the mall like a plague.

[pointless post i know]


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