Monday, May 23, 2005

Jamming = John Legend "Number One" on ipod mini

Yes! I finally have internet connection!!! My phone service was turned on today, and i picked up a free AOL CD at wal-mart yesterday. So here i am...back online and loving it. Thanks to a friend of the family, who shared a genius idea with me, i will be using dial-up services for awhile, because it only makes sense. Makes sense to me, when she told me that she hasn't paid for internet service in months. Why? Because she just continues to get free CD's and cancel's on time, so that she is never charged. GENIUS. I will do my best to copy-cat that act, because i was wondering why didn't i think of that? So today i start my calender with my listed free CD's of internet. Dial-up is bad, but FREE dial-up is great. Especially when you have just spent much moola to get your car's A/C fixed so that you do not melt in this Houston Spring weather of 100 degrees. That was a NEED. I had to have air, or i wouldn't be able to leave home till around 8pm everyday, for fear of becoming a burnt crisp while driving down the highway.


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