Wednesday, May 25, 2005

have mercy on me someone!

i officially give tooth is killing me! i cannot function, all i can manage to do is sit her in bed, type on this laptop, and not seriously go drown myself in the toilet.

where are a pair of pliers when you need em? at this point, i know that nothing could be worse than this agonizing, ibprofen no longer is helping pain.

4.7...more like 9.9, jumping to a 10 if i open my mouth and let cold air in.

this week has been like jumbles of obstacles one after another.

air out in car, problem with landlord, problem with bank, tooth...i asked for none of this. god i look forward to the that my right foot can come unattached.

just to add my to my problems.

searching for that hammer, i'll be out like a light for about four hours after i get finished going upside my OWN head


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