Saturday, May 28, 2005

finally its saturday. i've been waiting for this day all week. tonight...ah tonight. i have so many expectations for tonight. a few good friends and myself will be traveling downtown (houston) to enjoy a night on the town.

my best friend's sister and her husband are driving in from dallas to enjoy this weekend with us. i've adopted her as my new big sister.

sunday we're driving to corpus christi, a good 4 hours away. i'm going for the drive. ROAD TRIP!

i was surprised when i got online recently to learn that people still chat. in chat rooms! i personally have not chatted in a chat room in over 4 years. and i was surprised that grown folks where still asking A/S/L and even some new abbrevations. i hate that question. and i hate when they ask what do you look like. i always respond, like myself. that usually pisses them off. and i always reply if you can find my pic online, than you can see what i look like.

i always wondered why does it matter what the person looks like online, when all you'll be doing is talking to them. i have no intentions to EVER meet that person i'm talking to, so as long as your conversation is good, than who cares what you look like. you're not my man.

i remember being around 14 and being the IM queen...i could talk to about 6 people at one time and send my pic, and answer all their questions and just have jolly good time.

now i'm 21. old. been online since 1995. i have no desire to be trying to find my next best friend online.

i'd rather meet that person in passing on the street or a resturant than in a chat room asking asl...can you describe yourself



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