Tuesday, May 31, 2005

the day after a holiday always sucks to me. now you must get back into your daily routine after having spent the previous day, relaxing and enjoying the time. holidays always go by too fast, and the day after, always pace at a slow tread. sometimes i hate holidays. because you enjoy, but the price you pay afterwards isn't always worth it. i think i'd just rather have a regular, holiday free week, and not anticipate a holiday, and just enjoy my week the best i know how. the way i always do it.

on this day after a holiday day, i am going to try and complete my registration for summer school. i'm baffled as to how i waited till the very last week to register. and i've also waited till the very last day to enroll in our student leadership institute at the university for the fall. due on the 1st of June. today the 31 of may. and i will be taking my application up to the school ON the first. i'm an excellent leader. and i love to do things on time. can't they see that.

other news...i'll finally be able to wash ALL my clothes this week. variety...i missed it.


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