Tuesday, May 31, 2005

the day after a holiday always sucks to me. now you must get back into your daily routine after having spent the previous day, relaxing and enjoying the time. holidays always go by too fast, and the day after, always pace at a slow tread. sometimes i hate holidays. because you enjoy, but the price you pay afterwards isn't always worth it. i think i'd just rather have a regular, holiday free week, and not anticipate a holiday, and just enjoy my week the best i know how. the way i always do it.

on this day after a holiday day, i am going to try and complete my registration for summer school. i'm baffled as to how i waited till the very last week to register. and i've also waited till the very last day to enroll in our student leadership institute at the university for the fall. due on the 1st of June. today the 31 of may. and i will be taking my application up to the school ON the first. i'm an excellent leader. and i love to do things on time. can't they see that.

other news...i'll finally be able to wash ALL my clothes this week. variety...i missed it.

Monday, May 30, 2005

whose the queen of SPEED [card game]?

i am. seven five baby. seven five.

i be throwing dem' cards down like whoa...

we got back from corpus christi around 4AM. closed my eyes to go to sleep around 5:30. woke up at 11:30. happy memorial day.

i'm not at liberty to say why we made the trip to corpus but i will complain about how i didn't like the trip. i have my own fustrations. i do know that i have no desire to go running back to corpus anytime soon. it rained. the city was dead. and their were NO black people to be found, except my best friend and i.

we were both totally amazed and flabbergasted that in this city, population around 60,000, Blacks account for only 5% of the population. i don't want to be anywhere, where i cannot see another black face for miles to come. i was uncomfortable, and struggling.

11 hours of my day was wasted. wasted on a trip, whose whole purpose was busted from the beginning.

this trip taught me a lesson, took 11 hours of my day, but it was a lesson that i did learn. so its better to say that i learned my lesson in those 11 hours, as oppposed to have gone 11 hours without learning at least something, and walking away knowing more than i did when i left.

i was so happy to see houston at 4am, that i could hardly hold my excitement. but let me at least say that i did, through all that time have somewhat have an okay time. i did share laughter, and inside jokes with my friends during this time. but for what it was worth, i could have stayed at home for that.

so now its 1:17 on this beautful monday. i will eventually get up. shower, dress and go pay my rent.

i spent 11 hours of my day, to learn a lesson. and still, i'm not at ease.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

thursday we have revelations.

sundays we resolve them.

sunday. hot. houston.

leaving for corpus christi at 4

Saturday, May 28, 2005

finally its saturday. i've been waiting for this day all week. tonight...ah tonight. i have so many expectations for tonight. a few good friends and myself will be traveling downtown (houston) to enjoy a night on the town.

my best friend's sister and her husband are driving in from dallas to enjoy this weekend with us. i've adopted her as my new big sister.

sunday we're driving to corpus christi, a good 4 hours away. i'm going for the drive. ROAD TRIP!

i was surprised when i got online recently to learn that people still chat. in chat rooms! i personally have not chatted in a chat room in over 4 years. and i was surprised that grown folks where still asking A/S/L and even some new abbrevations. i hate that question. and i hate when they ask what do you look like. i always respond, like myself. that usually pisses them off. and i always reply if you can find my pic online, than you can see what i look like.

i always wondered why does it matter what the person looks like online, when all you'll be doing is talking to them. i have no intentions to EVER meet that person i'm talking to, so as long as your conversation is good, than who cares what you look like. you're not my man.

i remember being around 14 and being the IM queen...i could talk to about 6 people at one time and send my pic, and answer all their questions and just have jolly good time.

now i'm 21. old. been online since 1995. i have no desire to be trying to find my next best friend online.

i'd rather meet that person in passing on the street or a resturant than in a chat room asking asl...can you describe yourself


Friday, May 27, 2005

so i guess i'll pay my rent today. another role of being an adult.

going ot miss the days where you spent your parents money...now i must use my own...i've always hated to see my bank account number go down. this will take some getting used to.

paid my overage at T-Mobile. 119 over the alloted 600. eh. please never call until after 9pm.

summer school starts on the 6th of June. because i've been lazy, and didn't take my science classes in my first two semesters in college, i must sacrfice my summer to take both Biology I and Biology II. And i think i'll throw in Philosophy in there too. [secret: i erased philosophy like seven times because i can't remember how to spell it...out of school for two weeks, and your vocabulary just goes down the drain...took me whole three minutes just to write this sentence]

today i will spend my day searching for some shoes to wear on saturday night. saw some at DSW that were ok, but not exactly what i was looking for. shoe shopping has never been fun to me. and i'm avoiding the mall like a plague.

[pointless post i know]

Thursday, May 26, 2005

washing at 7:30 in the AM i'm sure has never been on the top of anyone's...things i love to do list.

but at least now i have a selection of clean underwear, instead of a scarce non variety.

i've decided to add some BC powder to my already addictive ibprofen daily dosage, to stop the ever lasting pain that my tooth is causing. send dontations so that i may visit a dentist. :)

everytime i see a bill in my mailbox, or fill up my gas tank, or drop of clothes at the cleaners, i am reminded of the popular Toy's R Us song, that so many of us, belived true.

I don't wanna grow,
I'm a Toy's R Us Kid,
There's a million toys at Toy's R Us
That I can play with

forget the toys, i just wanna be a kid again. or at least have kid responsibilties. growing up is a...blessing truly, so i really don't want to be a kid again, just some days.

question? does anyone else have their favorite businesses on speed dial in their cell phones? such as wingstop, i have both the houston one and cedar hill (dallas) in my phone, blockbuster, and i will be slipping in wal-mart soon. also thinking about putting in chic-fil-lay so that i can just drive up, pay and be out...have my food ready...beeotch.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

have mercy on me someone!

i officially give in...my tooth is killing me! i cannot function, all i can manage to do is sit her in bed, type on this laptop, and not seriously go drown myself in the toilet.

where are a pair of pliers when you need em? at this point, i know that nothing could be worse than this agonizing, ibprofen no longer is helping pain.

4.7...more like 9.9, jumping to a 10 if i open my mouth and let cold air in.

this week has been like jumbles of obstacles one after another.

air out in car, problem with landlord, problem with bank, tooth...i asked for none of this. god i look forward to the weekend...so that my right foot can come unattached.

just to add my to my problems.

searching for that hammer, i'll be out like a light for about four hours after i get finished going upside my OWN head

someone please take a hammer and hit me upside the right side of my head with it.
I have the worst tooth ache...well not the worst, but on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest (duh.) its a 4.7. yeah so i'm not even tryin to let it get to five.

but the a/c being broke and then having to be fixed for odd amount dollars, has put my dentist visit on hold. i'm just not rolling in dough like that.

i may not be able to get my tooth fixed just right now, but i know i should be able to get som type of antibiotic meds for this pain, until i can get my tooth fixed.

because i cannot continue to go through life like this...with pain, pain and more pain

ibprofen(sp?) does work wonders, when you dose on over 600m, and thats not good for anyone...three times a day?

eh...i said i would never move to Houston because why...the weather, the killer heat, but here i am, soon to be in a well a/c car, with cold air blowing on a hurt tooth...pain

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

watching "a different world"

i'm a tad pissed at my apartment complex representatives. these fools came into my apartment un-announced to leave me a complaint letter about disturbance from a neighbor. I'm upset not because of the letter, but the fact that they didn't have the courtesy to leave the note on the outside of my door, as they had done in the past with my lease agreement and other documents they have seen fit to bring to my household. today they will get a mouth full.

i'm also a bit pissed at whoever had the audacity to complain to the clubhouse about me being a disturbance. need they forget that this IS an apartment complex and not some cozy home sitting on the countryside. they are not the only ones living here and they must learn to live around others. i would have been more than happy to turn down my music, which may have been a little loud at 3pm in the day, but for them to complain without speaking to me is B.S. and i have a mouthfull for them too. because if i EVER him them bump this wall...i will complain...two can play this game. I have never in my whole time of living in an apartment (going on three years now) complained about noise. because one, i do realize that people have different lifestyles and that i am not special and must adapt. 4am music and 3pm music...difference, but still i wouldn't complain the first time. the 10th time maybe, and i still would speak to them first...then the 12th time i would ask the club house to speak to them. but i would never file a complaint...call me a fool.

so now i am going to roll out of bed, shower, dress and prepare my mouth full of "i'm upset, and don't ever enter my apartment for a note again."

Monday, May 23, 2005

Jamming = John Legend "Number One" on ipod mini

Yes! I finally have internet connection!!! My phone service was turned on today, and i picked up a free AOL CD at wal-mart yesterday. So here i am...back online and loving it. Thanks to a friend of the family, who shared a genius idea with me, i will be using dial-up services for awhile, because it only makes sense. Makes sense to me, when she told me that she hasn't paid for internet service in months. Why? Because she just continues to get free CD's and cancel's on time, so that she is never charged. GENIUS. I will do my best to copy-cat that act, because i was wondering why didn't i think of that? So today i start my calender with my listed free CD's of internet. Dial-up is bad, but FREE dial-up is great. Especially when you have just spent much moola to get your car's A/C fixed so that you do not melt in this Houston Spring weather of 100 degrees. That was a NEED. I had to have air, or i wouldn't be able to leave home till around 8pm everyday, for fear of becoming a burnt crisp while driving down the highway.