Monday, April 11, 2005 has made me mad. i've been to two apple stores and have not been able to purchase the powerbook g4 that i want. 12-inch, 1.5ghz with a superdrive. first time i went to houston, which is like 30mins from here. they were sold out of powerbooks, the man tried to sale me an ibook. after telling him thats not what i was looking for. did he think i was fool and would just walk out with an ibook anyways? second try was in austin. my check wouldn't go through. even though i had well over the amount in my account, telecheck said my check didn't fit their guidelines. screw you telecheck too. i basically was told i couldn't spend my money, at least not through a check. couldn't use the debit card...limit on how much you can spend daily. attempted to purchase at, dawned on me again about the limit to use the debit card. I HATE YOU APPLE! but i will get my powerbook. and i will get it before my birthday, i promise you that. after that i will have nothing to do with you again. maybe telecheck wouldn't let my check go through, because of the simple fact it read Latisha and not Kristen. who cares i'm just pissed that i can't spend my money when i want, how i want because of guidelines. i want a paper trail, and i don't want to pay in cash, which isn't right. why must i withdraw my funds, and risk the attempt to get jacked. screw you apple and telecheck. though i still love the powerbook and will be a user, a disgrunted and upset one, but i will be purchasing it no matter what. i will defeat you and your tactics.