Sunday, March 27, 2005

my Sunday clothes where hanging nice and neatly on the bathroom door. problem is i was an hour and a half away from them, kicking it with my family for easter. when did i realize i didn't have my clothes for church? way too late to go back for them. one good thing...i had my shoes. just not the slacks and blouse to complete the outfit. so i did what any smart person lacking proper easter attire. i left. i went back to school. to spend easter, with my nice and neatly hanging clothes. problem here, once i got to my cable-less room i wanted to go back to be with my family. here i was in my room all alone with my clothes. i missed an easter dinner and i'm sure a very good sermon, all to be back home with my black slacks and pink sweater. so that was my easter. my all alone, everyone else is with their familes, surely enjoying some great meal while i, and my impromptu demenor, rushed home to be with my easter attire.


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