Sunday, February 13, 2005

is it ignorance?

this is a very small problem or pet peeve i have in my imaginary notebook of pet peeves. and that is when blacks use the term african-american. oh how i hate to hear it spoken, especially out of the mouths of my fellow culture sharers...[my own term]. when did we you become african-american? weren't we just black a few years ago. every one is entitled to call themselves what they choose. i prefer black. because i am. i am a black american, in the sense of the word. african-americans, and you cannot deny this, are those that are directly from Africa. if your mother isn't african, your father, your grandparents or your great, and great-great, than are more than likely black. like the rest of us. we are so far removed from being anything african that the term simply does not apply. we have formed our own culture, and half of us know nothing about africa. sadly some cannot even locate africa on a map. so you are black. a member of the black culture. derived from the african culture yes, but so far removed that its been cancelled out. don't get me wrong, we must resepect and honor our distant cousins from africa, but we need to embrace that we are Americans, black americans, with not just african blood. some with french, irish, greek and what have you. african-american to me is the same as whites saying we speak ebonics. no it's being confused, it's just slang. and every co-or sub- culture has its own. so now we walk around talking about my friend its slang, old terms derived from the english language, to form new meanings and pronouciation. so ask yourself, when did you become "african-american". do you speak any native tounge of africa? here's a thought...mexican americans are that, their country is right at the boarder, they bring with them their culture, they speak their native tounge, they are not that far removed, if any. but we as blacks are, we have again formed our own culture, the black culture, the culture that will stand the test of time, the culture rooted in religion, strength and wisdom. we are Black. and we should be proud.


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