Monday, January 10, 2005

I have to make this quick...its getting dark outside and i'm at the computer lab at school. classes were good today. seems like they'll be somewhat interesting. kasai and i have spanish together @ 3pm. yes a 3pm class on fridays!!! tomorrow's schedule really sucks...first class at 9:30 till 10:50 next class not till 3:30....

ask me later.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Latest Sonic commercial:

Guy 1: Lemme get a Sonic Wha-Rap
Guy 2: Its pronouced Wrap
Guy 1: How is that pronoucned RAP?
Guy 2: The "W" is silent
Guy 1: Why would the "W" be silent?
Guy 2: Like WRENCH
Guy 1: Wha-Rench
Guy 2: You've been saying Wha-Rench
Guy 1: Yea, and i think you've been saying it WHA-Wrong


is that not the funniest stuff you've every heard? I'm so tempted to put a blank VHS tape in my VCR and record that commercial everytime it comes on. Gosh i crack up everytime i see it. Genius. Straight genius. Why did I not think of that. Great humor!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I responded after my cousin sent me an e-mail about Andrea Yates conviction being overturned...

E-mail Reply:

you just have to LOVE the american justice system...

25 years plus for possesion of drugs...

32years for armed robbery...[including if you didn't even harm someone]

and gotta love the california law....3 strikes

1. steal a lawnmower
2. have a little mary jane on ya
3. forget to pay a ticket


but you get a

RE-TRIAL for killing FIVE of your OWN children...and ADMITTING IT

American the beautiful the land of the FREE!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

two thousand and freaking five is finally here. april i'm waiting on you.

You would so have to be in a box not to know about the Tsunami that struck in the far east. Sad situation is all i can really say. My prayers are all i can offer at this time. I'm in no position to give monetary aid. I'm still searching in couches and washed jeans for funds to purchase books for this semester. i always enjoy the spring semester much more than the fall. i suppose because of the weather. and basketball season. and with classes like these who wouldn't want to enroll to the max amount of 18 hours and go 'gung ho'.

Intercultural Communications @ 10am
Intro to Computer Education @ 12pm
Visual Communication @ 1pm
Spanish II @ 3pm

Broadcast Writing II @ 9:30
Newswriting and Reporting II @ 3:30

is it just me, or did anyone else notice that "R" is used for thursday in college?
someone explain, because my brain has not turned back on, i couldn't even spell explain last night for my 10 year old cousin, so i can't possibly think on why "R" is used to abbreviate(sp?) thursday.