Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Latisha and Lucy
Just disregard the t-shirt and hat i am wearing. I have finally seen the light and I AM a PV Panther! Join me on the hill...

Who watched Amazing Race last night? Was the couple that came in 2nd, Jonathan and Victoria, the most akward and annoying? Jonathan is such a prick. I really can't stand him, i could have just slapped him for her. But i don't have too much sympathy for her either, crying like a big baby and carrying his bag. Talk about weak, i told my aunt he was a sorry excuse for a husband. Especially when he pushed her, dude its just a game. I so hope they come in last next week. But i have to give it up for the grandparents, they did well. They have great endurance, and i would have loved to see them finish any place but last. And one last thing, Gus from the father and daughter team, um is he an achoholic or was the beer just that good?


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