Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm not quite understanding why the pop-up blocker for SBC Yahoo isn't working. About a million [translated 40] pop-ups will be on the screen in less than three minutes. Very annoying to say the least. Any suggestions to a pop-up blocker that actually works please feel free to spread the word and let me know.

If i'm not mistaken the apprentice finale is broadcasting tonight on NBC. Now that Kevin has been fired, I really don't care who wins. Do what you want Donald, though I totally believe you made a bad choice last season, and have already made a bad one this season.

This past semester I wrote a paper over local service delivery in the case of cedar hill, texas. And one of my topics just happened to be responisveness of local service delivery. Service delivery being garbage collection, the city filling in pot holes and such. Who would have thought that I'd need that service delivery more than ever. Tuesday night, even after a series of robbery's on the neighborhood, we too became victims. Yes, on this past tuesday my cousin's vehicle was robbed right outside their home around midnight sometime. And yes they 'cleaned' them out. Everything. From the radio in the dash, to the three televisions that the children watched in the headrest. As quoted by many, "you can't have anything, for people stealing".

For some blessed reason the robbers, passed over my car, and I was spared. Here's the irony, these theives had been arrested early and were able to post bond. Mmmm, lemme guess, the bond money came from those cars they had robbed previously. Funny how the justice system works. You rob me, get caught, and pay your bail with the money you robbed me for? Wow. Who wouldn't want to live in America.


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