Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy Holidays to all!

what i got on the 25th of december from family members:

-ipod mini [actually i got this myself]...in silver
-sqush pillow [pink](google it)
-gift card to old navy
-tea cakes
-two teddy bearts

i believe thats it...

it was a blessing no doubt. can't wait to till the new year, be it that i am blessed to see the new year. this year, the first year without my grandmother, the majority of my family will be gathering here in the metroplex to 'ring' in the new year together. i'm guessing, since this wil be our first year to do this, we'll all be camping out in one house, and doing what families do i suppose, with a few time consuming games thrown in to keep some sanity. i look forward to it for the most part. but secretly i'm just ready to go back to school. and get back into my routine. ya know class, sleep, club organizations, sleep, class, church, shop, sleep. that sort of thing.

See ya next Year!


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