Tuesday, May 04, 2004

wow today is my last day here at school. last to final's of the semester. and i'm finished. never again to be a part of this school. i'm moving on. it's a bittersweet goodbye. living here for two years you just expect things day to day and are so used to others, that it will be very different not to have it like that anymore. and ever again forever. it's just very surreal. i mean tomorrow we will all be going our seperate ways, and the majority of these people i will never see again in my life. yes i'll try to keep in contact with a select few, but more than half i will never have contact with again. i'm going to miss this school in someways, and others i'm not. i'm excited about transferring to PV, and i'm optimistic about that transistion. but as i continue to pack my things away...and realize that my room will be totally empty come tomorrow evening, something inside just wants to hold on to a piece of what i had here,but a whole lot of me, wants to just let go and start over. keep hope alive. i'll be back later this week...or i'll try!


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