Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Today was the last day of classes!!! Tomorrow is dead day and finals begin on Friday at 8AM. My schedule is as follows:

Friday April 30 @ 11:30AM - Math
Monday May 3 @ 8:00AM - Technical Writing
@ 3:00PM - Communication Law
Tuesday May 4 @ 8:00AM - Broadcast Journalism
@ 3:00PM - Video Production

I'm finished on Tuesday of next week. So hard to believe! And i'm moving that day too...truly looking forward to leaving this school.

My front left tire is making some crazy noise when i drive so i have to make an emergency stop at Wal-Mart today because i have to put that baby on the road on Friday, and i don't need anything to go wrong. Just thought about it...i depend on Wal-Mart for everything! But the reality is this down does not have a Pep Boys or Firestone or anything other than locally owned shops. So why not go there? you ask...because Wal-Mart is economically within my price range. And plus, where else can you get an oil change and pick up some pickles and two DVDs at the same place. So i'm headed to ole' faithful Wal-Mart within the next hour or so.

Still trying to figure out how i'm going to export all my stuff from this room into a new location. It's such a where ever you can think of. But i need to at least start dusting and cleaning, so i won't be stuck here on Tuesday trying to do last minute stuff. I just want to load up and leave.
Like i'm leaving now.. ciao!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

ok yes i know its been awhile, but i'm back. for awhile i suppose. my birthday was last week. on the 22nd. i turned 20. Finally! Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing me to see that day, and everyday before and after. Because it is truly a blessing. I'm trying to get used to using Blogger and 'blogging' again. I've lost contact with many of my online friends and 'blogging' buddies. So things have changed, hard to get back into that whole thing...ya know...late night chatting and web design. Plus life is different now. I'm in college, not some high school kid with absoultly nothing to do living in a small west texas city. But sometimes i envy other people's websites and i'm like, i'm just as creative, or i have something to say that makes more sense than that. So here is my little free space on the web. I'd hate to waste money and buy a domain and not use it. My last domain i did post pretty regularly, at least 5 times a week. Or a day, depending on how i felt. So again i'll give this a my best. E-mail me sometimes, say what's some folks online....bring something new to the 'game'